The Official Popcorn Tofu Recipe

I know, I have taken a serious absence from blogging for awhile. I also promised and have noticed, most visitors to this site are expecting a Popcorn tofu recipe. Well, after some fun experimentation it is finally here! I must tell you it turned out wonderfully and I can’t wait to make it again! Here are some photos. The recipe will be posted at the bottom. Don’t forget to wipe the drool 🙂

Popcorn Tofu


  • Extra Firm tofu
  • Chik’n broth or Veggie broth + soy sauce
  • cornstarch or flour
  • bread crumbs
  • crushed cornflakes
  • 2 eggs, beaten or egg substitute
  • chicken seasonings or rosemary, sage, thyme

First, freeze the tofu overnight. Make sure you have enough time the next day to thaw it out. This works best for me if I put it in the freezer when it comes home from the store, and I pull it out the next day, regardless of when I cook it. This gives the tofu a chewier texture.

Second, press the tofu to get the excess moisture out. Then let it soak for a bit in either the chik’n broth or add some veggie broth with a couple tablespoons of soy sauce.

Press the tofu if necessary (if there is too much broth after soaking).

Here’s the fun part. Starting at one of the corners, begin tearing off chunks in sizes that are appealing to you. Do not cut the tofu unless you want uniform shapes. So just tear off chunks in different sizes and shapes.

Prepare the egg mixture. Prepare a coating mixture of 2 parts cornstarch or flour, 1 part bread crumbs and one part crushed cornflakes. Add in the seasonings to taste (usually til it smells good). Put about 1 1/3 cup of cornstarch mixture into a ziplock bag or about 3/4 cup of flour mixture into a ziplock. It doesn’t take as much flour to coat tofu as it does cornstarch. Coat all of the tofu in the egg mixture and then shake it in the ziplock bag. This is much faster and more fun than dipping in the cornstarch! Shake until most of the coating is no longer on the sides of the bag.

Prepare a frying pan or deep fryer. It is best to make the heat as high as you deem safe to be around if you don’t have a deep fryer – tends to cook better IMO. Fry until golden brown and and allow some paper towels to soak up the excess oil.

This is excellent paired with the sauce that goes with this neatloaf recipe. So delish!


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