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Dear Readers,

I have totally sucked at keeping up with this blog. I think mostly because I’ve been trying to figure out what’s going on with my diet and I feel scattered brained because of it.

I’ve gone a few different directions with the Candida Diet. I began allowing sugar in a few weeks ago mostly to test things out. I also allowed gluten. Things actually seemed fine with the sugar but once I started having lots of things with gluten in them, my sinuses began threatening an infection. I hurt for days and lessened my sugar thinking that was the problem. Afterall, why would it be the gluten, my stomach wasn’t hurting. But then I came across some posts online where people said their sinus infections were in fact caused by gluten. I figured I would go ahead and see what happens if I took gluten away again and kept a modest amount of sugar. Well, within 2 days my sinuses cleared up and my headaches and brain fog went away again. Seems to me I definitely have a gluten intolerance that just manifests a bit differently. I’m not excited about this but I’ve had some time to get used to the lifestyle so I don’t feel overwhelmed by it right now. It’s a good thing I like rice!