Hobby Farm Dreams

I’ve got dreams people. BIG dreams. Not big as in I want to be a celebrity or anything. Big as in I want some decent sized land! Someday it’ll happen. Then I can be like my friend Crystal in Idaho. She and I are similar in that we both moved from places we loved and gave up a lot, then after a year we were suddenly able to move back! Her situation happened a little bit after mine, but at least someone out there understands my experience!

Anyhow, Crystal has land – I hope she gets some more sheep and horses soon 🙂 My dream is that someday I can have land. Be fairly self-sufficient. I currently have chickens. The problem is I can’t bring myself to eat them. It’s only six so I’m a little attached. Maybe if I had like 50 chickens, then I could eat a few of them and not get attached. If we had some more land, I’d plot out a quarter acre fruit and vegetable garden. I’d get some merino sheep or better yet, some alpaca!

However, for only half an acre, I gotta say we’re doing mighty fine!


3 thoughts on “Hobby Farm Dreams

  1. Oh my goodness! I did NOT expect to see my name in here! Lol! Even though you cant bring yourself to eat your chickens (PLEASE tell me they dont have names….lol!) i think we’re a lot alike Liz! You are doing WAY more than most people can with a half acre! I hope your big dreams are fulfilled soon though! In the meantime, you can come pull weeds in the (hopefully) ginormous garden i have planned for this summer anytime you want! 😀

  2. A post! Good to read. I think you guys will have a place with land sometime. I wouldn’t be able to eat my own chickens either. They are probably like pets. But, yeah, I think it is cool that you have them and eggs and a garden. Good work!

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